The Printing Co.

Branding and identity design for The Printing Co. (TPC), a digital printing company. Started as a no-frills digital printer, TPC is known to have a wide range premium papers to offer and one of the best digital printing machine in the market.

They have a really catchy and simple company name that really spells out what their business is. So we decided to design a straight-forward and unpretentious logo with their abbreviation using a typographic approach. To balance the simple logo, we designed 4 geometric patterns as the graphic elements in 4 basic CMYK colours. The concept is to show how good their printing quality when printing detailed and complicated patterns in any sizes. Also to show how vivid and bright the colour output.

When TPC expanded and added two subsidiaries, TPC Visual Comm (TPCVC) and TPC Office Supplies (TPCOS), the logo is highly adaptable for the two new entities with additional logograms. TPCVC is focusing on large format printing, pop outs and packaging, which is more into a 3D world, so we created a 3D graphic to represent their business.

While for TPCOS, the graphic was a folded paper to represent their business in office supplies. Both identities have a version without graphics for application with a very minimum space.

Client: The Printing Co.