Oatsy is a new oatmeal brand in Indonesia. They approached us to develop a branding, identity, packaging and website. With targeted audience of young female in their 20s to 30s, we designed a bright and vivid packaging. The graphic element is more dynamic compared to the competitors’ product, however we keep the basic convention in the market regarding the colour–red for instant oatmeal and blue for quick-cook oatmeal–to prevent confusion in the customer’s mind.

We wanted the brand to be a bit more nationalist–as the big competitors are mostly foreign brands–by using red and white as the main identity colour. The main message is to let the consumer know that Oatsy is care about the well-being of Indonesian people by encouraging them to maintain their heart health by consuming oatmeal. This message is consistently conveyed across the website and Facebook page.

Oatmeal is not native to most of Indonesian, so we decided to create a recipe page on the website and give some ideas on how to incorporate oatmeal into the local dishes. There’s also a huge information section about oatmeal and its benefits to educate the locals about the importance of balance diet and oatmeal in keeping healthy.

Client: PT Global Delarya Pratama (Oatsy)