My Family Book

The Christian Family and Social Movement (CFSM) Singapore approached us to design a unique work book about family, in conjunction with their 50th anniversary celebration. Family is very important for us and we wanted to celebrate it by encouraging people to documenting their family.

People tends to be busy with their own lives, extended family is often forgotten. For a younger generation, some of them might not know their dialect terms for family members due to globalisation and a convenience to use generic term “uncle” and “auntie”.

We wanted people to fill the book with their family members to open up the relationship within the family and the extended family. We also provide dialect term for family members in Chinese and Tamil, so the younger generation can learn about the traditional way of calling and for them to keep as a reference.

The book is very fun to work with and we keep a spread after each section for the user to add the photos of their family members. They can draw, sketch and do anything they want to decorate the book. To give a more personal touch, we didn’t put the author’s name (the person who had this great idea of making the book), but instead leave the author’s name in front cover blank so people can put their own name to claim the book as their family book.

The heart graphic at the front cover can be pulled out and used as a book mark, then people can put their family photo as the replacement. Once they put the family photo and their name, their first task to complete the book is done–by making it theirs.

Client: The Christian Family and Social Movement (CFSM) Singapore