Mitsubishi Product Catalogue

Design and cover photography direction for Mitsubishi’s Factory Automation products catalogue. The brief was to create a simple and practical catalogue to showcase featured products. Previously the sales person or distributors have to bring a thick stack of individual product’s brochure which technical specs included–and not every client needs all the products or the information. With the new and thinner catalogue, the sales person can easily bring it with them and show the wide range of products without the overflowing information.

Keeping it simple was the design direction. We didn’t want it to be cluttered with unnecessary information and wanted to get away from the-usual-boring industrial products catalogue–by having a simple layout and colour coding for each product’s category. No technical data, all the features are written out in a plain simple English.

The catalogue was co-branded with some of key distributors by having their logo and addresses on the cover. It was printed and distributed across the Southeast Asia Market.

Client: Mitsubishi Electric Asia