Have A Cup

Magazine cover design to promote Mitsubishi Electric’s participation in Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) 2014. Mitsubishi was planning to have a special networking session at their booth, beside the usual products showcase. They wanted their existing and prospect clients to have a chat with the sales and marketing representatives, so they can inform their clients that Mitsubishi is actually offering a total solution, not just selling products.

We wanted to emphasise on the networking session by inviting the readers to come and stop by for a cup of tea or coffee through the cover advertisement. Instead of showcasing products, we are showing literally a cup of tea and coffee on two industry’s leading magazines, with title expressing the invitation to have a cup in their booth during the exhibition. At the same time, the copy also mentioned the importance of good quality water in order to have a good coffee or tea–inline with the water theme of SIWW.

Client: Mitsubishi Electric Asia